Sample Image
HEX: #ffffff
RGB: rgb(255,255,255)
HSL: hsl(0,0%,100%)

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Need to choose hex color code from a photo? Make use of this internet resource. It allows you to view image colours at a very fine level, allowing you to see all of the colour pixel details and select the one you require. When you click those fields, the hex, rgb, and hsl codes will be copied to the clipboard. By choosing the "Choose file / Browse" button, you can open the image file on your computer. You can also load the image files by dragging and dropping them onto this website.

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Hex (hexadecimal) codes

Hex color codes, often known as hexadecimal codes, are a technique to designate a specific color by combining six characters or digits. Typically, the letters used are A-F and the numerals are 0-9 Each letter or number pair represents the proportion of Red, Green, and Blue in the final outcome.

The six characters in a Hex color code reflect the two-digit hexadecimal values for the red, green, and blue components of the color, based on the RGB color paradigm. Each pair of letters or digits correlates to a value between 0 and 255 that represents the color intensity of the final product.

For instance, the code "#FFFFFF" would signify white, which is obtained by having the maximum amount of the hues Red, Green, and Blue. While the symbol "#000000" denotes black, which is accomplished by the absence of the hues Red, Green, and Blue, the code "#000000" denotes gray.

Web design, graphic design, and programming frequently make use of hex color codes. In addition, web browsers and graphic design applications support them extensively, making them a popular option among designers and developers.

Using various letter-and-number combinations, it is also possible to generate certain color tones. For instance, the code "#FF0000" indicates a pure red color, which consists of the maximum amount of red and the absence of green and blue. Similarly, the code "#00FF00" would signify a pure green color characterized by the absence of the colors red and blue.